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If you any problem making your reservation,
please contact our manager at 662-453-1854  
or call Billy at 662-458-1948.
you to leave us with your comments  in an effort to better assist you and your guest
in your future stay.
On our place, history is renting from $85 a night and up depending upon the house
you choose and the number of persons in your party.
To book your own Tallahatchie Flat in the Delta, you must be at least 25 years of age.
Upon check-in, you’ll be given a front door key.  
As we're an actual working plantation, we might need your help at pickin' time…  just kidding…
but you can see cotton, soybeans and corn being grown and harvested from your front porch.  
From your back porch (well...not far from it anyway) you can drop or cast a line into
the Tallahatchie River that runs behind your cabin and fish for crappie, bass or catfish.
We thank you for choosing “Tallahatchie Flats” as your vacation destination and invite
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